Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Thoughts

We celebrated the first day of spring by writing acrostics.  All of us are anxiously awaiting warmer temperatures!

Spring is pretty
Pretty outside
Rain is nice
I am glad it is spring
Nice Weather is in the spring
Glad it is spring
By Brooklen

Spring is here
Pretty flowers come out
Robins come out and sing
It is sunny
Nice weather starts
Green grass comes
By Ellie

Sun is shineing
Pretty flowers
Riding your bike
In the grass
No school
Gardens have flowers
By Mikwena

Swallows are flying
Pretty spiders come out
Rabbits come out
I play outside
Nature comes
Growing plants
By Daymen

So beautiful flowers
Pretty yellow blossoms
Roses are red or pink
I love flowers
Now all the flowers are blooming
Gardens are where flowers grow
By Kacy

Spring is nice
People smell the fresh air
Rabbits hop around
Ice is melting and turning into water
Nice sunny day
Green grass is growing
By Phoenix

Sun shine on the grass
Plants grow in the garden
Roses in the garden
In the garden are flowers blooming
Now spring is here
Gardens are full of blooming flowers
By Jadyn

Sun is shineing in the sky
Plants grow
Roses grow
In the spring leaves grow on the tree
Now the spring is beautiful
Grass turns green
By Taylor

Super pretty right now
Pretty is great weather here
Right now birds sing
It is spring now?
Now can we play?
Go have fun now
By Donovan

Spring is here
Pretty flowers
Ring its spring
I love spring
Never cold
Going to have fun
By Christina

Spring is warm
Pretty flowers Bloom
Robins are pretty
I like spring
Nice Sping
Good days for a bike ride
By Samantha

Sun is out
Pretty flowers are out
Robins come back
In spring its warm
Nice weather
Grass greens up
By Marlee

Sun shines
Plants are nice
Rain can make rainbows
In the rain
No school
Grass grows
By Lane

Swallows will sing
Planting flowers
Rain in spring
Ice melts away
Now its time to play
Grasses grow green
By Abby

Spring is here
Pretty flowers
Really warm weather
It is getting closer to spring
Nice weather
Green grass is here
By Kyle
Sun is bright
Plants are pretty
Rain can Make Rainbows
Ice melts and makes water flow fast
Nests are made
Grass grows and is shinny
By Maggie

Super nice
Plant trees
Rake leaves
Ice i not in the rivers
Nice weather
Grass grows green
By Dylan